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The temporary ‘crisis committee’ should take on innovation policy

Earlier this month, the European Parliament’s new committee on ‘financial, economic and social crisis’ met for the first time, pledging to examine how Europe got into this mess and how we might get out of it. All the talk was of reflecting on past mistakes and investing in job creation.

This sounds like the perfect terms of reference for a committee charged with looking at innovation policy.

The committee’s rapporteur, Pervenche Berès, has promised MEPs will do what politicians rarely have the luxury of doing: they will ‘sit back, think and have long-term vision’. [My EurActiv colleague Claire Davenport has and extensive interview with Berès here]

The new committee is due to sit for just 12 months and will produce a report on exiting the manifold crises before disbanding.

But they shouldn’t disband. In 12 months’ time, we will have a new European Innovation Act and a ‘streamlined‘ innovation policy at the European Commission.

This cross-cutting issue requires oversight from a parliamentary committee with a cross-cutting outlook and mandate. The solution seems simple.

Let the crisis committee study the landscape for 12 months, produce an exit strategy (based on innovation policy), before morphing into a permanent European Parliament Innovation Committee.

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  1. Dear Gary

    Well-spotted and thanks for the suggestion. That seems to be as important as having an innovation DG and Commissioner.

    Your i-blogger

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