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Lisbon results – live blog

This Saturday, Blogactiv will provide live, up-to-the-minute coverage of the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Live results, constituency-by-constituency, with comment and analysis on breaking news as it happens.

Log on from 11am (CET) for what could be an eventful day…

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  1. Hi Erik,

    Yes, but there won’t be much news on Friday, apart from an estimate of turnout. Ballots are counted manually beginning early on Saturday morning.

    I’m told things should begin to take shape (with early tallies from some key constituencies) by around noon, so we’ll be here from 11am CET with all the latest.

    Incidentally, if anyone is feeling really nerdy about this, you can see which constituencies are expected to the most pro- anti- Lisbon based on what the bookmakers think.

    (Not terribly scientific, of course)

  2. Are you also going to use Twitter?

    Re: the bookmakers page: how should I read this ? If it says Yes 1/7 ; No 4:1, what does it mean? More likely no than yes or the other way round??? You see, I’m not Irish and not into betting 🙂

  3. Hi Erik,

    Yes, we’re looking at using Twitter too. I’ll post a link later in the week but we’ll probably use the EurActiv Twitter feed:

    If the bookmakers say Yes is “1/7” that means you’d have to bet €7 to win €1 – meaning they think a Yes is more likely. If it says 4/1, they think it’s unlikely but if you bet €1 you could win €4.

    Bookmakers are usually reasonably good at predicting these things but these guys actually got the Lisbon referendum wrong last time!

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